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Country Music

Country music, once known as country and western music, is a popular musical form developed in the southern United States, with roots in traditional folk music, spirituals, and the blues.

It is a blend of popular musical forms originally found in the Southern United States. It has roots in traditional folk music, Celtic music, blues, gospel music, hokum, and old-time music and evolved rapidly in the 1920s.

Where to Download Free Country Ringtones

when looking for the free country ringtones the place to look is from mobile community, here members can share their ringtones, wallpapers, mobile videos and games. Country is one of the most popular genre in music, a lot of people love to hear them everyday. Everything in this mobile sharing sites are free. You can also share your mobile content by just uploading them to the site.

Here are a few list of mobile sharing community.

  • Mobango - this is a community based mobile sharing website that lets you download thousands of ringtoen. They get their collection from members that uploads their mobile content to the site and share them.
  • Mobilikey - A mobile social networking and mobile video clip sharing community for mobile users to create and build mobile websites, mobile chat, mobile videos, mobile clips, meet other mobile users, create and view personal mobile profiles, advertise and network through its mobile communities.
  • Zedge - Tons of free downloads for your mobile phone. Free ringtones, wallpaper and themes for all mobile phones. Hundreds of high quality, free Nokia themes, Sony Ericsson themes and thousands of free wallpapers for all mobiles.
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