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Types of ringtones

Real music ringtones - Real Music ringtones are the newest incarnation of the ringtone, capable of playing actual music, including the vocals and all accompaniment. Full Music ringtones can be found in MP3, WAV, QCP, or AMR formats.

Polyphonic - A polyphonic ringtone is similar to a monophonic tone in that it can only play a tone-based copy of a song, however a polyphonic ringtone is capable of playing more complex music.

Monophonic - This is the old type of ringtone, tones are only played one at time hence monophonic.

Free Music Ringtones

Internet has really reshaped our way of life. How we do things and how we get things. More people nowadays prefer to get stuff they need in the net and ringtones are no exception.. With the popularity of cellphones to the young generations, and combine them with music ringtones are now as popular too.. Ringtones however cost a lot of money, a lot for those youngsters anyway. But good news is that there are some sites that will let you download ringtones! You can download ringtones directly to your phone or you can choose to save them to your computer and then transferring them via data cable, blue tooth or other wireless data transfer. Below I have listed some good ringtone sites that offer free ringtones.

Where to Download Free Ringtones

Mobango - this is a community based mobile sharing website that lets you download thousands of ringtone. They get their collection from members that uploads their mobile content to the site and share them.

Zedge - Tons of free downloads for your mobile phone. Free ringtones, wallpaper and themes for all mobile phones. Hundreds of high quality, free Nokia themes, Sony Ericsson themes and thousands of free wallpapers for all mobiles.