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About Samsung

Samsung is South Korea's largest company and exporter and the 5th largest transnational corporation and one of the largest multi-billion dollar corporations in the world.

Lee Byung-Chull founded Samsung in 1938, It started as a small trading company with forty employees, located in Seoul. The name Samsung means “three stars” in the korean language.

Downloading free Samsung ringtones

Samsung cell phones are generally in the flip form factor. They have both CDMA and GSM cell phones and, generally, GSM cell phones can accept custom ringtones and graphics, but it's not always the case of CDMA phones which they occasionaly produce.

Samsung rise as an international corporation in the 1990s an by late 2005, Samsung had a net worth of US$77.6 billion. Today, samsung is one of the world's largest manufacturer of cellular phones. Although Samsung, while still holding third with over 29 million phones shipped, slipped in sales with only 18.4 percent growth. It also lost market share capturing only 12.8 percent, down from 13.6 percent in the first quarter of 2005.

One of the most loved features of Samsung cellular phones is that it accept custom ringtones, Unlike other brand mobile phones where it's very hard to add custom ringtones. People always love to customized things they own, fitting them to their own lifestyle and character. What makes ringtone successful is because millions of cellphone users love music.

Ringtones has been so popular that it also evolved from monophonic to polyphonic and now to real music ringtones. Music ringtone is an actual recorded songs that was cut to produce a short version of a song. with almost all new cellphones now have the feature to play music, music ringtones will definitely see an increase in demand.

Because of this a lot of sites on the internet are now offering music ringtones. Some are even free, well a lot actually, even the newest songs are availble almost instantly. You can download samsung ringtone from the following sites.

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